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A Flu-Busting Tea Recipe

Well, Winter is coming. In my time in China I have always found that the seasons change rather abruptly (though I do come from a place where ‘seasons’ are a rather loose concept). Of course the worst is always from summer/fall to winter. Every year I tell myself I will plan better for this transition, but it always catches me off-guard before I do. Anyways, it’s around this time of year that the change in temperature can serve as a pretty severe ‘shock’ to our systems, and it’s not uncommon for opportunistic viruses to seize upon our weakened immune systems.
As a Naturopath, I was first going to approach this by explaining the benefits in adjusting diet and lifestyle for seasonal changes, and the different natural remedies that are helpful in combating the common cold/flu, and then explaining a little how they work. However, after years of writing super long blog posts, I am now trying to see if I can keep them short and sweet, easy to understand and easy to apply.
So, I thought, shall I list my top pics of Naturopathic Flu treatments so readers can sort out which are best for them? Nah. You don’t really want all that info do you? Too much to sort through right? Besides, we are all busy, so when I say you should pick up some Astragalus, I doubt you’re going to go out of your way to hunt it down are you?
No. In today’s fast-paced world, this kind of info has to be relevant, useful and actionable. Translation: You have to know what to do and be able to follow it without going outside your routine (ideally without even leaving your house).
So, what have I got for ya? An immune-boosting, flu-busting Tea recipe! Just one. It’ll keep your body warm, boost your immune system, and put you on the mend if you’ve slipped in to a cold or flu. It’s a tad unusual, but it works for me, so why not give it a whirl!
Flu-Buster Tea Recipe:
- 1 Bag of Tea (an Echinacea Tea, or even Green would be nice here, but in a pinch mostly any will do)
- Fresh Ginger (about the size of a chocolate truffle. Peel, and chop into several pieces)
- 2 Cloves Fresh Garlic (yes, garlic. Peel and chop into about 5-10 pieces)
- 1 Slice of fresh lemon (wash first. Squeeze juice into your tea cup, then add peel to pot)
- 1/4 tsp of Cayenne Pepper (or two chopped fresh peppers if available)
- 1.5 Litre of water
- 1tsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Add 1.5 litre of water to a tea-maker, kettle or stove-top pot. Add water and all ingredients except for lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar. Squeeze lemon juice into cup and add peel to pot. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to your tea cup. Once tea mixture is brought to a boil, reduce it to a simmer for 10 minutes. Let cool, poor and start feeling better!
Disclaimer: This is not medical advice.
冬天快到了。我总是觉得在中国季节变化的太快, 一年四季最不好的过渡期是从夏天突然到冬天。在每个季节交替的时候就需要更好的做好准备,否则病毒随时可能会抓住机会攻击你的免疫系统。
  • 一包草本茶 
  • 新鲜生姜 (一块约拇指大小。去皮剁成小块)
  • 两个丁香的新鲜大蒜。(去皮切碎的小片)
  • 鲜柠檬一片 (先洗,然后挤出汁倒入杯中,加入去皮去壶)
  •  1/4 茶匙辣椒粉 (或者一个切碎的新鲜辣椒)
  • 1.5L 水
  • 1 茶匙 生苹果醋
  • 在容器中加入1.5升水
  • 添加的所有成分,除了柠檬和苹果醋
  • 在杯中加柠檬汁和苹果醋, 并加入柠檬皮
  • 在容器内搅拌均匀, 小火煮十分钟,亦可享受
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